Incident Management Partners

BCG is committed to providing customers with a full service incident management solution that supports emergency managers every step of the way. In order to do this BCG has formed strategic partnerships with other experts in the field. Some value added products and services from BCG partners include:

  • Emergency Management Training
  • Emergency Management Logistics Implementation
  • Emergency Management Plan Design and Development
  • Interstate - Intrastate Mutual Aid Planning
  • Emergency Management Consulting Financial Risk Management
  • Situational Awareness Critical Decision Support Service
  • All Hazard Training Incident Management Support Team (IMST)
  • Extreme Weather Services
  • Location Management GPS Solutions for tracking, managing, and protecting fleets, people, and assets
  • Inventory Management Solutions for rapid emergency deployment using GPS and RFID capability
  • Remote monitoring and measurement of equipment function and utilization
  • Tactical/HAZMAT Robots
  • Quick deploy camera systems
  • CommandLink on scene Tactical/Emergency Management Systems

Partner List


2K Emergency Management Systems










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