Custom Engineering

Our talented team is committed to expanding our client's business capabilities while becoming a trusted partner for their future growth. We are able to offer custom software and web development solutions at competitive prices due to our ongoing focus on overhead reduction. No other company can match the quality of our work for the price of our services.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Buffalo Computer Graphics is an experienced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) developer of integrated, web-based solutions for a variety of industries. Geographic Information Systems have become essential tools for the management, analysis and presentation of geospatial and environmental data by providing decision-makers with the spatial data they need to solve a variety of issues. BCG is a proven developer of robust, secure, user-friendly solutions for a variety of markets that meet these demands.

Our team of GIS specialists design enhanced solutions that provide for the highly specific needs of our client's geo-spatial requirements. The professional services we offer address many disciplines and markets, including: municipal government, mass notification, asset management, environmental planning, emergency management response,& planning and mitigation.

BCG also provides a high level of support and maintenance for all of the systems we develop, including customized training, and site-specific user and system manuals. BCG has experience writing user-friendly and scalable software that can accommodate localized solutions as well as large-scale use on a state or county-wide level. Our success with custom engineering and GIS application development comes directly from the time BCG takes at the beginning of each project to thoroughly understand the goals and objectives of the customer. Our broad range of GIS expertise allows us to offer innovative, customized solutions to meet the specific needs and goals of our clients.

Hardware Engineering

In addition to designing hardware solutions, BCG manufactures, assembles, packages, and ships completed solutions. We are happy to develop prototypes as well as small and large-volume production runs. Our electrical engineering staff has experience in PC board design and manufacturing, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), embedded systems, and telecommunications. Our engineering facilities are well equipped to handle rapid prototyping and production. In order to assure project success, BCG begins every project with a review of requirements and objectives. Once preliminary costs have been provided and approved, the design and development phases begin, followed by prototyping, quality assurance testing, production, and ultimately installation/deployment.

Software Engineering

BCG offers a complete line of custom software engineering services including embedded application development, PC-based application development, and web-application development. Our software engineers have experience with JAVA, C++, C#, .NET, ASP .NET, SQL Server, Oracle, XML, Web Services, AJAX, and OLAP. Our talented team is committed to providing our customers with exceptional solutions at an affordable cost.

Our services include:


  • Business needs assessment, requirements gathering & conceptual design
  • Database design, data modeling, & object modeling
  • User interface design
  • Messaging architecture
  • Web-based internet/intranet/extranet application development
  • Legacy migration
  • Windows client/server application development
  • Component development
  • Database stored procedures and functions development
  • Web Services development
  • Code maintenance/enhancements
  • Debugging
  • Deployment scripts
  • Setup applications
  • Supplement existing engineering resources
  • Individual coaching and group training