Unlike many solutions out there, DLAN is designed to be interoperable out of the box without requiring external servers or third party interoperable plug ins. Interoperability is built throughout DLAN including mapping, communications, imports/exports, data formats, browser support, device support, data monitoring, and in other areas throughout the software solution. We at BCG want to ensure our customers, that when they chose us, they will have a solution that will be able to interoperate with the various tools that they rely upon to run their day-to-day and emergency operations.

Communication Center Module

The Communications Center is specifically designed to fulfill all user to user or system to system communication needs. All daily or emergency communication is covered out-of-the-box, from internal messages and broadcasts to Email and external message feeds.


  • CAP
  • EDXL
  • Email including:
    • POP-3
    • IMAP
    • Exchange
  • RSS Feeds including:
    • National Weather Service
    • USGS Earthquake alerts
    • Amber alerts
    • Twitter


  • CAP
  • CMAS
  • EAS
  • Email
  • IPAWS-OPEN 3.0

GIS Module

The GIS COP Viewer supports the display of data from most common GIS formats out-of-the-box and unlike other solutions that require costly per-user accounts to a third-party GIS platform, DLAN’s GIS COP Viewer is accessible to all your DLAN users with no hidden fees. The GIS Module has many interoperability features including the ability to read in and export the following types of files and services:

  • Aloha Plume
  • CAD data via email or custom API
  • ESRI ArcGIS services
  • ESRI online services
  • Excel
  • KML
  • Shape File
  • Text Files

System to System

All DLAN systems are interoperable with each other, allowing ticket and data fields to be directly sent from system to system. DLAN can exchange information with any other system that utilizes common protocols for communication and information exchange such as CAP, EDXL, and IPAWS.

DLAN also specifically integrates with Knowledge Center's IMS, allowing DLAN data to be mapped directly to Knowledge Center forms and vice versa. DLAN has a built-in XML data transform engine that allows BCG to do custom integrations and message interoperability quickly and with less expense than many other solutions can offer. For more information on interoperability features, please contact your BCG representative.

BCG Mass Notification

Through BCG's mass notification systems (such as NY-Alert), DLAN can send messages through:

  • Alpha Pagers
  • CAP 1.2
  • EAS
  • Email
  • Fax
  • iALERTZ mobile application
  • MMS
  • Phone
  • Private RSS
  • Reverse 911
  • RSS Feeds
  • SMS
  • SMS Priority
  • Twitter