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DisasterLAN (DLAN) is a web-based, mobile friendly incident management system that provides tools for shared situational awareness, workflow-based information management, and real-time communication to help your team prepare for, respond to, and report on issues. Modular in design, DLAN has been built around core functions that can be customized and scaled to meet your unique needs. The Enterprise Edition is the most comprehensive of the DLAN standard editions and is often used in larger installations. For a full list of optional modules please request a catalog below.

BCG believes that the support we provide to our customers sets us apart from our competition. From the time of award, BCG will be with you every step of the way ensuring we architect and field a solution that will perform both technically and operationally. BCG is not just a software vendor, it is an engineering firm with decades of experience in custom engineering projects. BCG will work with you to ensure that DLAN is fully integrated into your systems and workflow to facilitate improved operations. After initial configuration, your own administrators will be able to customize many aspects of the system themselves, including creating custom forms and status boards.

BCG provides a variety of training options for DLAN system users and administrators. Our trainers are not just experts in the technical aspects of the system, but also in its applications in emergency management, healthcare, and academic settings. Depending upon your needs, training programs can include developing unique training curricula and materials for each customer, creating product integrated online help systems, and conducting web-based, computer-based, and instructor-led trainings.

BCG's in-house engineering team continually updates and enhances the DLAN system to meet the evolving needs of our customers. As part of our maintenance and support packages, customer's receive at least two annual upgrades. BCG routinely provides webinars, conference calls, remote assistance sessions, and new release reviews to customers' DLAN administrators. DLAN users can sign up for our newsletter to receive how-to guides, white papers, case studies, and other useful information.

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