Maritime Education Standards Council Annual Meeting

Monday, June 8th

BCG will be exhibiting our maritime simulation products at the annual MESC meeting.

MESC was formed by a group of  maritime education schools with the goal of ensuring the highest quality maritime education to recreational and professional mariners. By forming a coalition of schools, we are able to safeguard the education standards and provide the students who utilize a MESC school with the highest possible level of training that meets all USCG guidelines.    
As an organization, we speak with one voice to the National Maritime Center in regards to policies, regulations, and educational issues. At MESC, our member schools work closely with the United States Coast Guard to ensure MESC member schools are in compliance with the policies and standards set forth by the United States Coast Guard's National Maritime Center in Martinsburg, West Virginia.
MESC encourages all maritime training schools to join our mission, to assist us in our goals of maintaining and improving the quality of maritime education, and working in harmony with the United States Coast Guard.