Mass Notification Solutions

BCG develops custom mass notification systems that either integrate directly into DLAN’s Communication Center or work independently as a standalone software product. All BCG systems are ADA compliant and 100% web-based. Mass notification systems are available for both public and intra-organizational/private messaging.

The system can support a variety of alert types including:

  • Amber Alerts
  • DEC Sewage Alerts
  • Earthquake Alerts
  • Marine Zone Warnings
  • OOP Alerts
  • Sex Offender Alerts
  • Weather Alerts

BCG mass notification systems can include several features to make phone notification more effective including multiple retires, throttling (which limits the number of simultaneous phone calls made to an exchange so as not to overwhelm the system), dynamic line distribution across multiple messages ensuring all messages get through, and the ability to detect and leave voicemail messages.

In addition to traditional phone lines BCG can also send notifications through:

  • Alpha Pagers
  • CAP 1.2
  • EAS
  • Email
  • Fax
  • MMS
  • Phone
  • Private RSS
  • Reverse 911
  • RSS Feeds
  • SMS
  • SMS Priority
  • Twitter

Message creators have the ability to use alerting API, create custom notification groups, import user notification groups, automate alert distribution, and distribute alerts based on mapping data. They can also use priority distribution for life safety messages. To reach their recipients better the source of the alert can be customized to represent the originating organization, including displaying the organization’s phone number on caller ID and Email address on alerts and custom phone greeting identifying the organization can be created.

A public portal can be created so that the public can sign up for notifications, this can include the ability to customize which alerts they want to receive and pause alerts for a set range of time, for example if they are going on vacation they can pause alerts while they are away. Public portals are fully customizable and can include organizational branding such as custom color-schemes and logos.

Contact us to discuss your project requirements and see how we can help you craft a mass notification solution to meet your needs.

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