BCG Releases Desktop Ship Simulator

Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG) Inc. is pleased to announce the release of a turn-key desktop ship simulator that adds a visual component to BCG's existing line of radar and communication simulation products.  The system represents the integration of proven BCG products with high quality third party software for a complete desktop simulator which features an out of window single channel visual display.

The simulator is scalable to meet the requirements and budget of the customer; but is ideal for the small schools that are looking to add ECDIS and Radar/ARPA capability to their list of available course offerings.  Included in the simulator is an IMO approved ECDIS, one of BCG's radar emulations, and a selection of ownship controls to allow each student to maneuver his or her vessel. 

The system will be delivered as a turn-key system with the software installed and including monitors and all computer accessories.  Instructor control is through BCG's Enhanced Graphical User Interface workstation.  For configurations that utilize multiple student positions BCG will provide the required network hardware and cables.


For additional information on this product as well as all of our communication simulators, please contact BCG at 716-822-8668 or through our website.