BCG Unveils Updated Instructor Interface

Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG) Inc. is pleased to announce the release of its new control software for our line of radar simulation products.  The Maritime Simulation Tool (MaST) replaces our Enhanced Graphical User Interface (GUI2) with a more modern and user-friendly interface.  The MaST application will now be delivered as the standard interface for our radar emulation and stimulation products.

MaST maintains all of the same functionality as found with the GUI2 package, along with providing backward compatibility with respect to scenarios created with the GUI2.  The new user interface groups together common features and presents them within eight separate tabs at the top of the window.  This format allows the operator to more quickly access the specific function they wish to perform.   Some of the improvements include:

  *   All user interface features are accessible from a single window

  *   Ribbons across the top of the screen better organize and simplify simulation controls

  *   Popup and slide out data panels are used to reduce clutter within the control window

  *   Tooltip information is automatically shown when the cursor hovers over a button in the ribbon

  *   An 'Instant Demand' feature provides details of ownship(s) or targets as the cursor hovers over a vessel

  *   Ownship and target ship panels have been simplified and provide a more efficient user interface

The MaST 'Home' Ribbon


Radar Parameters Ribbon

The MaST software still has the same robust functionality as it predecessor.  MaST can control up to 32 student ownships in eight different problems, and can support up to 1,000 targets.  Existing GUI2 users may purchase an upgrade to MaST by contacting BCG.  For additional information on this product or to request a demo of the new software, please contact BCG at 716-822-8668 or through our website -

Display Parameters Ribbon