Buffalo Computer Graphics Appoints New Director of Client Services

BCG is excited to announce that we have appointed our own Brian Carrier as the new Director of Client Services in our Incident Management Division! 

Since joining BCG five years ago, Carrier has played an instrumental role in the growth and expansion of DLAN as a Program Manager. In this role, he was on site for several DLAN deployments including Hurricane Sandy at the Albany Emergency Management Operations Center, multiple FEMA Indian Point deployments, Erie County Storm Activations, and multiple Ride for Roswell deployments. In addition to these tasks, Carrier has offered both customer and in house support for all major and minor software versions, and has overseen the development and implementation of Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) GPS tracking devices for all DLAN customers.

Brian Carrier
DLAN Training

Carrier's established experience and in-depth knowledge of DLAN will be essential in his new role as the Director of Client Services, where he will be responsible for maintaining effective support for all BCG DLAN customers. Carrier will develop and implement all policies and procedures for customer service, manage the client services team and the 24/7 after hours support team, and oversee all customer issues to ensure effective and long-term problem resolution. As Director, Carrier will manage all employees within the department and will be responsible for performance management and hiring. He will also play a major role in scheduling and implementing DLAN installations for new and existing customers.

My main goal as the new Director of Client Services is to make customers happy. In the field of emergency management, when a major incident occurs, 24/7 support is critical to protect lives and property. That is what we do.- Brian Carrier, Director of Client Services

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