Buffalo Computer Graphics' New Mobile Responder App Improves Communication from the Field to the EOC

At BCG, the DLAN team works tirelessly to adapt our software to the changing needs of emergency managers. Having current information from field staff during an emergency or large event is imperative to complete and accurate situational awareness. As emergency managers rely on their mobile devices to collect this information, the DLAN team sought to develop a solution that would make this process more efficient. With that, we are very excited to announce the release of the new DLAN Mobile Responder App!

Buffalo Computer Graphics' new Mobile Responder app allows emergency managers in the field to easily communicate essential information with each other and with EOC staff. The app works across multiple devices, with support for iOS, Android, and Windows, includes an offline mode for situations when neither a Wi-Fi or cellular connection is available, and fully integrates with DLAN. 

Field staff at the incident scene often have limited capacity to communicate information back to the organization command center or EOC. With the new Mobile Responder app, organizations that use DLAN in their command centers can easily input information from the field and feed it back to the DLAN system using their mobile device. When designing the app, BCG developers sought to create an intuitive, user friendly interface where the user simply fills out a form using standard fields, attaches photos or videos, and taps submit. These forms can be configured by the organization to collect any type of information warranted by the situation including damage assessments, debris management, road closures, resource requests, and spot reports. 

The adverse conditions that emergency managers often face when collecting data in the field was one challenge that BCG developers also kept in mind when creating the app. To ensure data integrity and usability under these circumstances, the app stores all report data locally on the device and automatically sends it to DLAN whenever a Wi-Fi or Cellular internet connection becomes available. This means that field workers can continue performing their job, even offline. 

Once a form is received by DLAN, it can be reviewed and posted to a Ticket for further action or set to be automatically posted to a new ticket. Additionally, submissions can be sent to the Assessments module for tracking information relevant to critical facilities. Following data collections, the system gives users the power to then run reports on damages, map locations, and assessment information so that it can be shared it with interested parties within or outside of the EOC. 

The Mobile Responder app is now available for use in DLAN version 10.3 and is available for download in the Google Play and Apple App Stores or can be installed on Windows computers. The development of the app reflects a shift in the way emergency managers work and marks DLAN as a continuing leader in incident management software.

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