DisasterLAN 10.3 Improves Regional Communication During an Emergency

Frustrated by solutions that require you to use your local incident management system as well as county and state systems in order to meet the needs of situational awareness and mutual aid? Imagine being able to send a resource request from your county to a state IMS system and see state responses to your request without having to log into another system. 

With DisasterLAN version 10.3, this capability becomes a reality with Ticket Synchronization which allows a ticket to be sent from one DLAN system to another, and then be automatically updated as changes are made by any system that is aware of that ticket. This means that informational bulletins, resource requests, donations, damage assessments, field reports, missions, and other types of tasks can now be easily shared with another DLAN system and be kept up-to-date as other groups of people are engaged in that task's response. 

Similar to how email and instant messaging works, authorized users can leverage this feature by forwarding a ticket to another system and receiving responses as they come back from connected parties. The communications are instant, secure, and allow users to quickly see the status of tickets they have shared with other systems. When combined with other types of interoperable communication in DLAN, such as IPAWS and MASAS, Ticket Synchronization allows DLAN to bring users a new, powerful approach to regional communications, especially in regions where multiple DLAN solutions are in use. 

Ticket Sync Admin
Ticket Sync Admin

In addition to Ticket Synchronization, DLAN 10.3 also improves upon a number of areas including security, mapping, and performance. It also sets the stage for a number of major announcements we will be making with regards to mobility, field staff, and operation in remote areas wither communications are impacted. We look forward to sharing these additional announcements with you over the next several weeks.

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