DisasterLAN 10.5 focuses on Visualizing Assets

Determining asset status is a critical logistical task that is made more difficult as the size, duration, and scope of an incident changes.  Additionally, maintaining accurate awareness about resources becomes more complex as infrastructure is impacted, mutual aid agreements or EMAC activated resources are leveraged, donations are utilized, and untrained volunteers or secondary staff are tasked to the incident.  To better address these logistical challenges, powerful new asset tracking features are being released in DLAN 10.5.

Incident Asset Ledger

The Asset Management system in DLAN 10.5 includes new reporting tools, new mapping tools, and new Status Board Asset Module Subscriptions.  The new reporting engine allows for asset reports to be created and saved for use in current and future incidents.  Reports can be made based on serial number, asset type, provider, status, location, region, contract type, and other asset related information.  Once an asset report is created, it can be immediately leveraged as new layers on DLAN maps, allowing users to easily create map reports that visualize a geographic view of that asset report.  User created tabular and map reports can then be incorporated in dashboards, landing pages, and boards using new Status Board Asset Module Subscriptions.  These changes make it tremendously simple to create, visualize, and deploy a new asset report to users on the system.  If a new workflow or asset view is needed to meet the needs of an emergency, it can be created and deployed in minutes!

Status Board with Asset Deployment

In addition to these great new asset management changes, DLAN 10.5 also includes a number of other enhancements. Phonebook has been enhanced to allow for any Phonebook module customer to utilize the new Assessment Module tools to track assessments at their facilities; Ticket Manager's user interface has been cleaned up, making it quicker to work with attachments, forms, contacts, and dates; and automated notifications from Communication Center can now utilize text message based notifications in addition to the email based notification that were previously available. These enhancements, along with a number of security and performance improvements, make DLAN 10.5 the best tool on the market for managing logistics during your emergency.

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