DisasterLAN's Risk Assessment Module Helps Make Facilities More Resilient

With the latest version of DLAN, we are proud to announce our powerful new Risk Assessment module that helps emergency managers better answer the question, "Are your facilities resilient?" Available as an add-on module for all DLAN 10.2 systems, Risk Assessments allows organizations to collect and analyze information on possible vulnerabilities at their facilities and integrates with other DLAN modules for overall resiliency situational awareness. BCG has also partnered with Adjusters International to give DLAN users access to subject matter experts in performing Risk Assessments.

Field staff can utilize DLAN's Risk Assessment forms to collect information on possible vulnerabilities at sites or facilities in their jurisdictions. Based on FEMA 452 and 455 guidelines, our assessment forms collect information on potential risks posed at critical facilities by both natural and manmade disasters. Site assessments are then analyzed using FEMA guidelines to calculate risk scores for that facility in a number of areas including flood hazards, high-wind hazards, seismic hazards, and other critical areas of vulnerability. This calculation engine also analyzes assessment results to produce resiliency scores that measure recovery, time, robustness, and performance of mitigating measures in place at a facility that would help it to survive a disaster.

The Risk Assessments module integrates seamlessly with other DLAN modules to increase overall resiliency situational awareness. Export tools within the module allow users to easily share the results of assessments with other systems as well as allowing for the assessment information to be easily imported onto Common Operational Picture GIS viewers. New capabilities in the DLAN Phonebook allow users to link Risk Assessment forms with other facility-based documents such as Tier III forms, Site Hazard forms, critical personnel at the site, site floor plans, and other pertinent site information. The combination of these tools allows users to paint a broader picture regarding the level of estimated risk that critical facilities in their jurisdiction will face in a disaster.

In addition to the new Risk Assessment Module, BCG has partnered with Adjusters International to assist customers in performing Risk Assessments in their regions. Adjusters International has extensive experience in dealing with site assessments based on work performed throughout the country during events such as Hurricane Sandy. Their team will offer our customers the ability to leverage specialists in the field that are familiar with doing site assessments. In addition, Adjusters International is able to suggest changes a facility should make in order to better protect themselves against a variety of threats. When paired with the expert analysis of onsite or remote subject matter experts from Adjusters International, our Risk Assessment tools help managers to focus their efforts on activities and projects that maximize their ability to mitigate future risks rather than carrying out site assessments themselves.

We are excited to offer these new tools to our customers and to give DLAN users one more way to use their system to prepare for, respond to, and recover from incidents. Parties interested in a demo or pricing on this module should contact BCG for more information.

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