DisasterLAN Version 10.0 Simplifies Resource Requesting

When it comes to incident management software, most users only interact with the system during an emergency. Most of the staff brought in to assist during an incident are often untrained on how to request assets, report information, and coordinate with other staff involved in the response. Due to this, it is imperative that any software utilized is easy to learn and able to guide the user through the process of properly communicating information within the system.

The latest version of DLAN specifically targets this occasional user with a revolutionary way to handle data entry for resource requests and reports of information. Known as the “Ticket Wizard,” administrators can enable a step-by-step form that guides untrained users through properly making a request or report in the system. Instead of utilizing complex forms with confusing fields and tabs, the Wizard presents users with a series of questions that allow them to more naturally provide the necessary information. The Wizard provides step-by-step assistance for properly capturing contact information, answering resource-specific questions relevant to the type of request, inputting important date requirements, and providing any other data required to complete the request. When combined with new features that auto-stamp routes on a call and allow for the mobile entry of request forms, this Wizard provides a powerful way of making non-daily users quickly proficient in the system.

Ticket Wizard

Also included in version 10.0 are new tools for uploading CSV/Excel files directly onto the system, allowing users to take sets of mappable information from other systems and easily view that information within GIS map viewers. New Status Board controls allow administrators to grant or deny users access to particular status boards. Finally, updated interoperability tools allow users to more easily share DLAN information with other DLAN and third-party incident management systems.

We are tremendously excited to get these new data entry tools into the hands of our customers. We believe that once your users try our new Wizard interface, you will be amazed at how much more quickly you can train your staff on our system - Tim Masterson, DisasterLAN Product Manager

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