DisasterLAN Version 10.1 Makes DLAN Even Easier to Use

DisasterLAN (DLAN) 10.1 includes new wizard tools to guide users through core processes, making completing tasks quicker and easier regardless of experience level. DLAN 10.1 also includes enhanced mapping features and new file monitoring tools to increase interoperability.

DisasterLAN’s team continues to focus on simplifying DLAN for the occasional user, who may only use the software when emergencies happen. Earlier this year, BCG released new wizard-driven tools that made it easy to request resources and make informational reports without having to know much about the software or internal incident management processes. DLAN 10.1 extends these tools to allow users to do even more from within the wizard interface. Improved routing tools let wizard users automatically send a ticket to the appropriate roles and new wizard steps allow users to easily add attachments to a ticket. A new option within the wizard allows users to create multiple resource requests off of a single similar ticket. Finally, new configuration tools allow DLAN admins to customize the wizard experience for the needs of their user base. Combined together, these new Ticket Wizard features allow DLAN to be more accessible to new users than ever before.

GIS COP Viewer - Shape File Upload

DLAN 10.1 also includes improvements to DLAN’s mapping tools. Included in 10.1 are major performance enhancements that dramatically speed up the viewing of maps at multiple zoom levels when large datasets are visible on the map. New security improvements in GIS allow map reports to be locked down to DLAN security groups, giving GIS admins more controlled access to available map views. Finally, new import tools allow both basic users and administrators to upload Shapefiles to maps on either a temporary user map or as a permanent layer for viewing by other users. These improvements help make DLAN’s map viewer the most flexible Common Operational Picture platform on the market.

DLAN 10.1 debuts a new directory monitoring tool that allows DLAN to watch a file directory and automatically pull files placed there into DLAN for use in tickets, maps, Communication Center messages, and other modules. With many third party software packages capable of uploading maps, images, forms, and other documents to a central file repository, DLAN’s new file monitoring tool provides system administrators with yet another way of interoperating with other emergency management solutions.

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