DisasterLAN Version 10.2 Sets the Stage for Upcoming System Enhancements

As we approach the midpoint of 2016, the DLAN team at BCG has been busy making strides on some larger development efforts that will be made available later this summer. Version 10.2 includes improvements in security, stability improvements within DLAN GIS mapping tools, significant updates to the Damage Assessment module and Finance module, and minor fixes throughout other modules on the system.

Damage Assessment
Roadway Damage Assessment

Among the more significant updates in Version 10.2 are enhancements to the Damage Assessment module. Forms in the web version of the Damage Assessment module have been vastly upgraded to promote ease of use. Data from the online/offline Damage Assessment app can now automatically be posted into the web version of the forms as soon as the application syncs up with their DLAN system. This means that users in remote locations can fill in preliminary damage assessments on roadways and structures, and those reports will instantly fill out all of the applicable information within a DLAN ticket when a network is available. The new version of the Damage Assessment app also allows for multiple photos and videos to be added to an assessment from the field. These new capabilities make the Damage Assessment app and module much easier to use from any location.

In addition to improvements to the Damage Assessment module, the Finance module has also seen significant enhancements in the new version. As part of 10.2, tracking fields have been added that allow for purchase order numbers, purchase dates, check-in times, hourly rates, and fringe rates to be tracked as part of a finance record.  Also, to better support third party finance tracking applications, export tools within the Finance module have been augmented so that all of this new data can easily be shared in CSV, Excel, or Microsoft Word format. Combined with existing features like project worksheet tracking, ticket-by-ticket expense tracking, and total incident cost tracking, these new features help to make the Finance module a powerful toolset for users that require tracking of incident expenses.

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