DisasterLAN version 9.5 is all about automated features that vastly expand your capabilities

DisasterLAN (DLAN) 9.5 offers a series of new automated features including auto-draft, auto-snapshot for GIS, automated email and feed filters, and automated bandwidth management. It also includes enhanced support for IPAWS, CAP, and other alerts in Communication Center templates. 

Ever accidentally close your browser and lose your work?  With DLAN's new auto-draft saving feature, this worry is eliminated. Whether you started an incident report and stepped away for too long or lost your internet connection while entering a resource request, DLAN automatically saves copies of your work to give you the option to recover your tickets the next time you log in.

Following the caveat, "a picture is worth a thousand words," DLAN now automatically saves copies of your maps as part of your incident archive.  Known as the auto-snapshot tool, you can setup a map viewer that automatically captures weather, traffic, incidents, and other geographic information that helped you to make your decisions.  Once snapped, map images can then be posted to tickets, status boards, after action reports, and other tools to allow you to clearly show why you made a decision.

GIS Auto Snapshot

Automated email and feed filtering is another powerful enhancement that will help you to better handle the volume of information coming into today's duty officers.  Instead of a centralized folder for information, feeds are now broken up by message type, helping you to better find the information you need.  Expanding upon this, inbound email feeds can now also be assigned to different roles on the system allowing you to spread monitoring work amongst a larger pool of staff.

Finally, automated bandwidth management has been added to numerous modules to help you better utilize DLAN in mobile and hosted environments.  Maps now better manage when and how they update.  Slide show images now automatically rescale and ticket polygons on the map are now better sampled to provide a balance between high level detail and improved data transfer to your device.  All of this adds up to letting you do more things more quickly from more types of devices.

In addition to all of these automated improvements, Communication Center templates have been enhanced to support IPAWS, CAP, and other alerts.  Also included are enhanced IPAWS tools that support cancelling and updating messages.