DLAN Utilized for Hurricane Sandy in New York State

Buffalo Computer Graphics, Inc. (BCG) provides its customers with the added benefit of being able to send a Team of DisasterLAN Emergency Responders & Support Engineers onsite during a crisis to assist their EOC staff. During the  Hurricane  Sandy incident in New York in October of 2012, BCG's Crisis Support Team  responded and assisted with operations in the state's EOC in Albany and also in Manhattan. BCG assisted on a 24/7 basis in the state's EOC during the critical preparation, response, and recovery efforts.

In October and November of 2012, emergency managers in New York and other east coast locations prepared for and responded to the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. New York State started their preparations days before the storm would hit by using the DisasterLAN™ (DLAN), BCG's incident management system. Full  State EOC activation occurred  in response to the massive flooding, wind damage and power outages. BCG provided Just-In-Time DLAN training to 100's of EMAC responders from throughout the US that came to the aid of NY.  The on-site DLAN Crisis Support Team worked hand-in-hand with  NYS OEM staff to provide DLAN system customizations and help administrators adapt the system to rapidly changing conditions.

· Using DLAN's built-in interoperability tools, numerous NYS counties easily communicated with each other and the state EOC using the DLAN Communications Module.

· Numerous agencies, towns and counties had log-in access to their state's DLAN  system.

· Status Boards provided staff, on & off-site, with status of continuing changes.

· DLAN provided the collaborative tools to organize  missions, tasks, reports, donations, and resources.