Polk County, Iowa installs DLAN Incident Management Software System

September 2012           

Polk County, Iowa - BCG, Inc. recently  completed the DisasterLAN incident management system installation for Iowa's Polk County.  The full-featured Enterprise Edition of DisasterLAN was installed for use in the Polk County EOC and features a number of high-level additional feature capabilities.  Polk chose to enhance their crisis management efforts by also incorporating the GIS and Incident Action Plan modules to further streamline their EOC's functionality.

DisasterLAN software was developed to streamline functions within any size emergency operations center (EOC) , and can be used to manage virtually every aspect of a disaster - from mission tracking , preplanning and resource management - to the development of situation reports and incident action plans. This highly adaptable and configurable system also functions well as a 24/7 watch point tool for logging and tracking events on a daily basis as well. DisasterLAN is a web-based tool that can be used from any internet-capable location.  

Unique to DisasterLAN is its built-in tools that provide interoperability with other incident management systems that comply with CAP and EDXL messaging standards. DLAN is also IPAWS CMAS compatible out of the box and meets the federal standards for interoperable messaging.  The web-based NIMS compliant system is currently in use by numerous private, county and state entities including Iowa, California, Vermont, New York, Guam, Minnesota and Canada.