Rochestser, MN Employs BCG's Mass Notification System

BCG, Inc. not only provides its customers with DisasterLAN (DLAN), the adaptable Incident Management System, but now   it offers the BCG-Mass Notification System that integrates seamlessly with DLAN.

DisasterLAN is a state-of-the-art web-based crisis information management system for EOC's to gather and organize information from citizens, agencies and partners. It is a modular and configurable tool that can be sized to any EOC.  

Rochester Alert is a public notification system  that Police, fire, public works, and emergency management uses to keep residents informed of pressing issues and disaster information. A citizen sign-up website allows residents to choose the way they want to receive alerts and warnings, as well as what type of alerts  they wish to receive.  Rochester Alert also posts alert and public safety information on its website. The Rochester Alert website & registration portal can be found at:

Integrated with the city's DLAN incident managment system, EOC managers can send messages directly from their crisis managment system.