Small Staff Benefits from Buffalo Computer Graphics' Emergency Management Communication Toolset

Managing information, staff, and resources can prove difficult for emergency managers during a large disaster.  Getting the right information to the right people in a timely fashion is critical to protecting property and life during the rapidly changing conditions of an incident and can be an overwhelming task even for the largest emergency management departments, making it seem out of reach of smaller organizations.  With limited staff resources, finding the right tools to make existing staff more efficient is the key to responsiveness, which is why Schoharie County has purchased a DisasterLAN (DLAN) Emergency Manager solution from Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG) to help it manage emergencies more effectively throughout the county.

DLAN is an Incident Management System in use by numerous counties and agencies throughout New York State (NYS).  After seeing firsthand during Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy how DLAN helped NYS responders better prepare for, respond to, and recover from those disasters,  Schoharie county emergency managers chose to purchase the system so that it too could better protect the counties' residents and property during future disasters.  With their DLAN EM solution, Schoharie emergency managers will be able to more easily track resources, staff, and damages, respond to requests for assistance, communicate with county staff, prepare after action reports, and share other important information during an emergency.

Michael Hartzel, Director of the Office of Emergency Services for Schoharie County notes, "DLAN is instrumental in providing a Common Operating Picture (COP) for the First Responders, Governmental Leaders, Highway Supervisors and School Superintendents in Schoharie County."

Designed for 24/7 use, DLAN will not only allow the county to better respond to disasters like Hurricane Sandy, but will also allow the county to work day-to-day to train and prepare for incidents, planned events, and exercise throughout the county. Modules in the system will allow Schoharie emergency managers to build and store emergency plans, map critical assets, and monitor sources that provide key intelligence information before, during, and after an incident. Notification tools within the system that integrate with NYS mass notification system NYAlert will allow county emergency managers to rapidly disseminate emergency information to the public and key staff members. Integration tools tied to FEMAs IPAWS system and other state DLAN systems will allow the county to quickly work with other emergency managers to receive or provide assistance when needed.  Finally the after action report tools and Finance tracking module will allow the county to easily analyze an incident and better recover money for those response activities that FEMA provides reimbursement for.

BCG is a global provider of Incident Management Software, Mass Notification Systems, Maritime Training Solutions, and Custom Hardware & Software Engineering. The ability to provide COTS and custom-tailored solutions that integrate with client's existing infrastructure is what sets BCG apart from its competitors.