Supercharge your Planning & Exercises with DLAN 10.8

Supercharge your Planning & Exercises with DLAN 10.8 Image

It has been a busy summer for DLAN team, with lots of development focused on empowering your Planning Section. Expanding on work we released for Situation Reports and Phonebook earlier this year, DLAN 10.8 brings enhancements to Weather Monitoring, new Assessment Module features, and a brand new Preparedness Planning toolkit for our Ticket Manager Premium Module. The combination of these features makes it easy for operations staff to optimize their time spent planning for various incidents.

Weather is the driver behind the majority of incidents that impact communities. Access to real-time detailed weather conditions and forecasts can help responders better prepare and respond. With this in mind, DLAN 10.8 has embedded new high resolution weather offerings into all of our GIS Common Operational Picture viewers. Included at no cost for GIS Module users, customers can now utilize over 40 real-time premium weather layers including high resolution radar, lightning density maps, predicted radar and wind maps, predicted temperature and precipitation maps, storm reports, drought conditions, and other types of weather conditions. This is a powerful new set of data that can help planning and operations staff to be better prepared for the weather around their facilities and jurisdictions.

Status Board Builder with GIS Premium & Twitter
Status Board Builder with GIS Premium & Twitter

The response to our new Assessments module has been great, with many customers using it for business continuity, risk assessments, and hazard assessments on critical infrastructure. DLAN 10.8 extends this functionality with new Assessment features that support associating forms with DLAN incidents. With these new features, users can stage assessments for use in an exercise, track assessments performed during the course of an incident, and create assessments that are self-contained for internal projects. These are great new ways to extend the use of pre-planned information on critical facilities and organizations.

Finally, the most exciting announcement in DLAN 10.8 is our new Preparedness Planning toolkit that is available for Ticket Manager Premium customers. With the Preparedness toolkit, users can create ticket templates associated with various types of incidents. Templates allow users to draft pre-planned actions, prepare initial log entries, setup predetermined priorities and statuses, set initial routings, prefill forms, and prepare other data that would be needed on a ticket of that type. Once created, templates can be posted to an incident anytime, allowing users to rapidly enter a new ticket into DLAN. This powerful feature can then be leveraged to assist with numerous EOC workflows including building tickets for repeatable exercises, pre-filling Mission Ready Packages, assisting Duty Officers in the entry of frequently entered tickets, creating task lists for different types of incidents, and pre-planning anticipated resource requests from critical facilities or jurisdictions.

DLAN 10.8 is the next evolution in planning for and responding to an incident. The ability to prepare Mission Ready Packages, pre-plan expected resource requests, and regularly exercise on expected needs during an incident allows emergency management staff to be more prepared and better able to rapidly respond.” – Tim Masterson, DisasterLAN Product Manager

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