Take your Planning Section to a new level with DLAN 10.6

Take your Planning Section to a new level with DLAN 10.6 Image

DLAN 10.6 is designed to make your planning information shine during the response and recovery periods of your incidents. It takes your static information about personnel and critical facilities and automatically incorporates it into maps, dashboards, reports, status boards, and role based landing pages, allowing the information you already have to be better leveraged during an emergency. The newest DLAN edition includes a new reporting engine, new situation report form templates, and a new ArcGIS Sync tool, which allows Ticket Manager and Watch Command reports to be transformed into map layers.

Built into 10.6 is a brand new reporting engine that allows users to easily create reports on personnel and critical facilities that are important to them.  New tools allow reports to be created based on filters such as trainings, skill sets, categories of personnel, categories of facility, and locations.  Once created, these reports immediately become available for use as layers on maps, bookmarked locations in map reports, and panels in status boards or landing pages.  With these changes, emergency managers can easily build real time views of staff that have specific qualifications, facilities that provide particular types of services, vendors that provide a required resource, and other types of critical facility reports that would be beneficial during an incident.

Critical Facilities Dashboard
Status Board - Critical Facilities Monitoring Board

In addition to these great new pre-planning tools, DLAN 10.6 further empowers Planning Sections with a new template engine for Situation Reports that allows administrators to use DLAN Dynamic Forms to create question based report templates in published Situation Reports. Like similar technology in our Ticket Manager and Assessment modules, Situation Report administrators can now layout their own Agency form templates, assign them to individual roles, and incorporate completed templates in reports that are published to different stakeholders. This allows Planning Sections to more tightly control content that is completed by assigned roles in the system, allowing for users to more quickly complete Situation Reports in a consistent manner.

Rounding out our Planning enhancements, DLAN 10.6 includes a new automated ArcGIS Sync tool that will allow users to take any Ticket Manager or Watch Command report and instantly convert it to a feature layer service on ArcGIS online. This means that tickets tracking shelters, damages, donations, resources, road closures, and other work items can be sent to ArcGIS online in real-time as they change in DLAN. Any information included on that report (including any geographic data from addresses, coordinates, points, lines, and polygons) can then be instantly shared on ArcGIS online as layers in Public Dashboards, third party COP viewers, and other types of systems. This powerful feature extends our strong integration with ESRI ArcGIS platforms and gives you new ways to share DLAN information with other groups of people.

The combination of these Phonebook, Situation Report, and automated ArcGIS Sync features make DLAN the most powerful platform on the market for Planning Sections looking to operationalize their planning work during an incident. Time spent planning is no longer relegated to documents and lists to be dusted off during an emergency, but instead becomes a core component of operations during all aspects of planning, response, recovery, and mitigation. - Tim Masterson, DisasterLAN Product Manager

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