Track Shelter Status and Manage Shelters with New Tools from DLAN

Tracking and managing shelters is a critical component of responding to and recovering from disasters. During severe weather events, major utility disruptions, and other events where civilians are displaced, many organizations take on a coordinated effort to direct the public to properly staffed and equipped facilities that can handle different segments of the impacted population. DLAN staff have created two new tools to facilitate this process - Shelter Status Boards to improve shelter situational awareness within DLAN, and the independent web-based Shelter Management Portal.

Track Shelter Status with DLAN Shelter Status Boards

To help the process of quickly identifying the status and capabilities of shelters, DLAN staff have built a set of Shelter Status forms and Shelter Status boards that new and existing customers can utilize to quickly communicate the status of regional shelters. Planning staff in charge of situational awareness can easily track and communicate total shelter capacity, current capacity, number of staff, shelter location, shelter status, and different capabilities including their support for air conditioning, pets, handicapped accessibility, medical staff, and more. Color coded statuses within the Shelter forms allow users to visually identify Shelter status. Tickets related to these forms can be used to track other shelter specific tasks like obtaining food, bedding, and security. Finally, shelters on DLAN can be tracked on our Common Operation Picture GIS viewer alongside layers updated by the American Red Cross regarding shelter status for facilities their organization helps to manage. By default, these new forms, layers, and boards are not installed on existing customer sites. Existing customers of DLAN 10.2 can contact BCG to have them installed.

Manage Shelters in Real-Time with the Shelter Management Portal

For organizations that wish to more tightly manage shelters in real-time including tracking of civilians located at a shelter, assigning and managing staffing at each shelter, and dynamically monitoring shelter status, BCG now also offers a new Shelter Management Portal. This web-based tool allows for day-to-day operations within a set of regional shelters to be maintained by shelter staff. The system is designed to run independent of a DLAN system as a hosted website that allows for shelters to be managed at any number of locations by any number of staff members. By managing shelters outside of the core DLAN Incident Management System, shelter operations can be scaled up or down without impacting performance of DLAN. To enhance situational awareness, data sharing tools within the system allow for the information contained within the Shelter Management Portal to be easily shared back to DLAN in the form of shelter maps and other shelter specific dashboards. Parties interested in this more advanced form of Shelter Management should contact BCG to schedule a demo or request more information.

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