Westchester County Utilizes DisasterLAN Incident Management System in FEMA Evaluated Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Exercise

BCG was recently on site as Westchester County, New York and several other downstate counties took part in the FEMA evaluated Indian Point nuclear power plant exercise. The exercise took place on June 28, 2016 and utilized BCG's DisasterLAN (DLAN) software, which has been used by Westchester County since 2006.

The full day exercise was designed to test the response plans of New York State, four downstate counties, and the Indian Point nuclear power plant in the event of a radiological emergency. Participants enacted an incident scenario that simulated a release of radiation at the Indian Point nuclear power plant. Westchester used DLAN's newly implemented File Importation tools to seamlessly pull shape files of Plume models into DLAN, review the Plume data and quickly post the data to the Common Operational Picture (COP) viewer. This allowed the county to overlay Plume data with other GIS data including schools, shelters and critical facilities. Visualizing such data made it easier for the county to make critical decisions such as what areas to evacuate.

The exercise ran in conjunction with other downstate counties who also utilize the DLAN system including Orange County, Rockland County and Putnam County. New York State's NY Responds system was also utilized during the drill to streamline communication and coordination between local agencies and the New York State Emergency Operations Center.

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