Maintenance & Support Services

BCG believes that the high level of support we provide to our customers sets us apart from our competition. We pride ourselves on being not just a product vendor, but also being an emergency management partner with our customers. BCG works closely with our customer’s IT and Emergency Management personnel to ensure that we architect and field a solution that will perform both technically and operationally throughout the life of the contract.

BCG does all of its own engineering in-house, maintaining multiple teams dedicated to DLAN software design and development. We constantly elicit customer feedback and incorporate it into making DLAN a better product. Customer input is always important in the decisions that are made to provide new feature enhancements. If the BCG team feels that a requested customization will be beneficial to other customers, it may be developed at a significantly reduced cost or at no cost and then provided to all customers with a current maintenance & support package.

In addition to normal support services, BCG also maintains an emergency response team that is available to deploy to your EOC during a large scale incident or major event and BCG provides a number of additional support services through our partner network, please see additional information below.

Standard Maintenance & Support Packages and Upgrade Options

For on premise solutions, DLAN Basic Maintenance & Support includes Bronze level support; DLAN Advanced and Premium include Silver level support. For cloud solutions, silver level support is included in the monthly fee. Maintenance & Support upgrades are available for all solution types.

  Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Business Day (9am - 5pm EST) Email Support
Business Day (9am - 5pm EST) Phone Support
Activation Support by Phone and Email
New Releases of Product 1 per year
New Release Review Webinars 1 per year
Hot Fixes for New Releases
Point Patches for New Releases  
BCG Assisted Imports using BCG Templates 1 per year 1 per year 2 per year 4 per year
Individualized Web Trainings (1 hour per training session)     2 per year 4 per year
Custom Imports by BCG Staff     8 hours per year 40 hours per year
BCG Assisted Configuration of Dynamic Forms as Needed     8 hours per year 40 hours per year
BCG Assisted Data Feed Integration as Needed     8 hours per year 40 hours per year
Client Configuration Debug via Gotoassist       40 hours per year
Server Configuration Debug via Gotoassist       40 hours per year
Onsite Support per Year       8 hours per year
Rush Delivery of Hot Fixes Specific to Organization's Site or Installation      

Plus support includes unlimited emergency use of our 24x7 support line and can be added to any package.

Additional Activation Support

All BCG DLAN staff have been trained in the Incident Command System and National Response Framework through the ICS 400 level. Our subject matter experts include Fire, EMS, and Emergency Managers who have experience in both field and EOC operations. BCG can provide onsite support at EOCs during large- scale incidents, supplementing permanent EOC staff and providing just-in-time training. All Hazard Incident Management Teams (IMT), Incident Management Assistance Teams (IMAT), and Incident Management Support Teams (IMST) are available for deployment to EOC, DOC, ICP/Field, and private sector operation centers.

Additional Partner Services

BCG is committed to providing customers with a full service incident management solution that supports emergency managers every step of the way. In order to do this BCG has formed strategic partnerships with other experts in the field. Value added products and services from BCG partners include:

  • Emergency Management Training
  • Emergency Management Logistics Implementation
  • Emergency Management Plan Design and Development
  • Interstate - Intrastate Mutual Aid Planning
  • Emergency Management Consulting & Financial Risk Management
  • Situational Awareness & Critical Decision Support Service
  • All Hazard Training & Incident Management Support Team (IMST)
  • Extreme Weather Services
  • Location Management GPS Solutions for tracking, managing, and protecting Fleets, People, and Assets
  • Rugged devices for harsh environments and challenging communication requirements
  • Inventory Management Solutions for rapid emergency deployment using GPS and RFID capability
  • Remote monitoring and measurement of equipment function and utilization
  • Tactical/HAZMAT Robots
  • Quick Deploy Camera Systems
  • CommandLink On Scene Tactical/Emergency Management Systems