PCBME Radar Display Emulator

PCBME is a Windows-based application which emulates a BridgeMaster-ETM display on a Windows based PC. It is a powerful training tool used to familiarize a student with the use of a real ARPA radar for ship navigation. The radar image incorporates realistic simulation of landmass, moving targets, precipitation returns, sea clutter and other effects seen on a real radar. The radar operational features include full ARPA functionality, AIS Functionality, radar video controls, dual EBLs & VRMs, multiple presentation modes, graphics capabilities and range scaling. For ARPA support, PCBME provides target acquisition & tracking, leading vectors & history trails, and trial maneuvers. Target track data output via a serial port or network connection in NMEA-0183 format is supported for integration with an ECS or ECDIS system. BCG has added a Virtual Steering Control (VSC) option to PCBME, allowing a student to navigate his/her Ownship with controls located on the same screen as the radar presentation. Contact BCG for information. 

(BridgeMaster-E Radar is trademarked to Northrop Grumman Corporation)

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PCBME Radar Emulation

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