PCS-3xx Radar Simulator

BCG continues its excellence in the radar simulation arena with the PCS-3xx Series of radar simulators. The PCS-300 is a single antenna radar signal generator, the PCS-301 is the HW/SW kit form of the PCS-300, the PCS-320 is a dual antenna radar signal generator, and the PCS-350 is a portable version of the PCS-300. This system allows the user to stimulate a real radar system with a fully controllable radar presentation while maintaining the operator controls of the radar. The PCS-3xx offers this with a higher level of hardware integration and more emphasis on software generated radar imagery than its predecessors.

The heart of the PCS-3xx is BCG's Radar Signal Generator Board (RSGe). This single slot PCI-Express format module allows BCG more flexibility for packaging the PCS-3xx, such as a 1U rack mount chassis or a small portable unit. The reduced parts count of the PCS-3xx increases system reliability while reducing the cost of maintenance spares. The PCS-3xx delivers a stimulated radar presentation for a wide variety of radar displays with accuracy, realism and an impressive price / performance ratio.

 Radar Simulator Control Software (MAST)

 PCS-3XX Radar Signal Generator Board

Radar Simulator Control Software (MaST)

PCS-3XX Radar Signal Generator Board

The list of available radar interfaces is below. However, we can create new interfaces with certain information, please contact us with your requirements.

  1. Sperry Marine BridgeMaster-E 
  2. Sperry Marine VisionMaster 
  3. Northrup Grumman NEXGEN
  4. Furuno Radars
  5. SSR Engineering PC-RP (all models)
  6. SPS-73
  7. SPS-67
  8. SPS-50
  9. SPS-78
  10. SPA-25E/F/H
  11. TRS-3D
  12. Generic Trigger/Video/ACP/ARP interfaces

The PCS-3xx Radar Simulator merges BCG's 35+ years of radar simulation and modeling capabilities with high speed FPGA technology, to produce a realistic radar presentation on real radar displays. Features such as 4-yard resolution, large exercise areas, target ship shape, enhanced radar effects, true 3D modelling, and full programmability are now available in a low cost simulation platform. The PCS-3xx utilizes the latest PC technology as its foundation. The simulated Ownship is controlled by the operator at our Maritime Simulation Tool (MaST) workstation. For multiple Ownship configurations, several simulators may be networked together and controlled from a single workstation. Each Ownship acts as an independent radar platform in the simulator network. The instructor's MaST workstation may even be located remotely from the PCS-3xx unit(s). For bridge visual systems, the PCS-3xx is programmed and controlled through a single Ethernet connection.

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