Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) Simulator

Long a leader in radar simulation, Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG) also offers a Virtual GMDSS Trainer and a realistic GMDSS Training System (see bottom image).

The BCG approach uses computer stimulated virtual radio and satellite communication panels, along with Telex terminals and Navtex receivers. The system provides the user with all the essential elements necessary for training the complexities of GMDSS. This GMDSS Trainer utilizes Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology, and no RF emissions! BCG's GMDSS Training System is designed to be compliant with existing performance standards of the international maritime authorities.

Control over the GMDSS simulation is provided by our GMDSS Maritime Simulation Tool (G-MaST) operator interface. This software provides the instructor with control over the training scenario, while providing a means to monitor and interact using all communication media.

GMDSS Console
Virtual GMDSS Screen Shot

Product Features

  • Realistic virtual GMDSS equipment operation without live emissions
  • Uses Voice Over IP (VOIP) proprietary technology
  • Virtual MF/HF and VHF radio panels with DSC capability
  • Fleet Broadband voice and E-mail Applications
  • Automated watch keeping and distress message features
  • Realistic voice communications with noise squelch and propagation effects
  • NAVTEX receiver with printer support
  • INMARSAT- C and NBDP Telex Terminals with printer support
  • Instructor control station with GMDSS Maritime Simulation Tool (G-MaST)
  • Dynamic scenarios with moving ships that may be in different problems
  • Networked student consoles with graphical presentations of the exercise situation
  • EPIRB and SART control. EPIRBs and SARTs may be launched by the student or the instructor. SARTs can also be displayed on a BCG simulated radar (optional)
  • Modular system that is easily tailored to fit existing budgets and future needs

GMDSS Console
Virtual GMDSS Bridge Console

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