DLAN Incident Management System Customer Support

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Software Support

DLAN includes a comprehensive electronic help tool that you can enter by clicking the question mark on the right hand corner of the DLAN header bar. From here you can view context sensitive help, step-by-step instructions, training videos, how to guides, and release notes. You can also sign up for our DLAN Newsletter to receive tips on using the software, invitations to webinars and events, case studies, and other useful information.

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Incident Management System Training

Our trainers are not just experts in the technical aspects of the system, but also in its applications in emergency management, healthcare, transportation, and academic settings.  We provide a number of training services including role-based skill builder training, ICS training, and scenario based trainings.

For more information please see our training page.

Interoperability & Integration Services

We are not just a software vendor, we are an engineering firm with decades of experience in custom engineering projects. For interoperability options and integration features not already included in the software, our team has the experience necessary to provide custom integration services at a reasonable price. In fact, if our team feels that a requested customization will be beneficial to other customers, it may be developed at a significantly reduced cost or at no cost and then provided to all customers with a current maintenance & support package.

For more information, please see our interoperability and integration page.

Activation Support

Our emergncy response team can provide onsite support during large-scale incidents, supplementing permanent staff and providing just-in-time training. All Hazard Incident Management Teams (IMT), Incident Management Assistance Teams (IMAT), and Incident Management Support Teams (IMST) are available for deployment.

Please contact us for additional details.


Additional Support Services

We provide a number of services beyond our standard maintenance & support packages including exercise support, risk assessment, and emergency manamagment plan design and development.

For more information please see our maintenance and support page.

Billing Support

We believe in making it easy for you to do business with us – that’s why we maintain qualified vendor status on many state and federal purchasing vehicles. You can view information on all of our current purchasing vehicles or contact us for help.

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