PCS-100VMS Radar Simulator

The PCS-100VMS (Voyage Management System) is another one of Buffalo Computer Graphics' (BCG) successful PC based radar simulators.  The PCS-100VMS was designed as part of a joint venture between BCG and SSR Engineering Inc. It is designed specifically for use in shipboard and shore based training, testing and evaluation applications, for customers who use Northrup Grumman's Voyage Management System (VMS) or the SPS-73 Surface Search Radar.

The PCS-100VMS generates both radar image and the ship sensor data for distribution on a radar network in the COMRIC format.  Using BCG's simulation engine and SSR's RIC network data protocol, this BCG product simulates the network interface utilized by the SPS-73 Stand-Alone Operator's Position (SAOP) or the VMS.  The COMRIC interface of the PCS-100VMS is compatible with the RDSComms radar data protocol used on-board many ships.  The unique network-only interface allows training and/or testing to be performed at a reduced cost without dependency on radar simulation hardware.

Screen Shot of our PCS-100-VMS

For applications where multiple radar platforms must be supported, BCG can combine both the antenna stimulation features of our PCS-300 with the network simulation capabilities of the PCS-100VMS into a single Windows PC.  This product, the PCS-300VMS, can simultaneously drive the real radar displays and the COMRIC/RDSComms interface. Contact BCG for more information on the PCS-300VMS.

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