Maritime Simulation Tool (MaST)

BCG's Maritime Simulation Tool (MaST), allows an operator to easily create, modify, save, and replay a wide range of maritime situational training exercises. The MaST application provides user control for the motion of simulated vessels including up to thirty-two (32) Ownships and 1,000 moving or stationary targets. MaST is capable of running eight (8) different problems simultaneously, each with its own training area and complement of target vessels. This software provides both NMEA-0183 and Automatic Identification System (AIS) output, as well as support for NMEA2000 messages. Below is a screenshot of the MaST application and some detailed images of the various ribbons which allow a clean interface for the user to adjust various aspects of the scenario they are working in. Other windows may appear to provide the instructor or user with additional information on the ownships, targets, or other scenario specific details.

MaST Application Screenshot

MAST - File Ribbon
File Ribbon, the initial window that opens upon start-up

MAST - Home Ribbon
Home Ribbon

MAST - Radar Parameters Ribbon
Radar Parameters Ribbon

BCG's radar simulation control interface is capable of working in conjunction with other simulation systems.  MaST can be configured to operate as a 'slave' interface allowing a 3rd party system dynamic control of our radar products.  BCG can also support limited simulation control using standard NMEA-0183 messages from a serial or network interface. BCGUDP is the most comprehensive control interface. It uses a series of proprietary UDP packets to allow virtually complete and seamless control of our radar software products from another simulation system. BCG offers a developer's kit to help the user build the BCGUDP interface software.

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