Rapid Radar Plotting Sheet

Rapid Radar Plot Sheet is a program designed to simulate a paper Plot Sheet for plotting radar contact motion. It can be used to practice standard plotting techniques with the help of several built-in tools. The output of the application can be printed for review/grading, or can be used as a teaching tool by an instructor. Students can be taught the techniques associated with using a radar to plot targets and determining target information based on their plot.

The program allows plots points to be entered graphically with the mouse or numerically using range and bearing keypad entries. From these plots, the program displays the relative motion of the target and determines information about the plotted points. For example, the program will display the target course, target speed, distance between targets, and distance between target and Ownship. This can be useful in determining the effects of trial maneuvers and predicting the consequences of Ownship maneuvers set to occur at a future time.

Rapid Radar Plot Sheet
Rapid Radar Plot Sheet

In order to help analyze the system of targets, the Rapid Radar Plot Sheet Program supplies the user with a Target Window that displays all of the plot point information entered for targets. This also includes CPA information for the Ownship relative to each target. Changing Ownship maneuvers automatically updates the window giving the user instant feedback regarding changes in the system. Additionally, the user can receive target information by opening up Demand Windows that contain vector information about a particular target. The information provided by these windows can then be analyzed by the user to predict future states of the system.

In addition to contact avoidance tools, the software is equipped with a "Find Intercept" feature to allow Law Enforcement or Search and Rescue training institutions to train students on finding an intercept course/speed.  Another recent change allows the user to configure the text labels based on the methodology used in their part of the world.  Here in the United States, we use the ERM labels, but in other parts of the world, the 'Way of Own/Way of Another" (WO/WA) concept is taught; the text labels can be adjusted as needed.

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