Transportation Emergency Management Software

BCG has a number of transportation customers who utilize our Incident Management Software (IMS) to coordinate among multiple geographically disperse stakeholders. Our software helps keep staff and commuters safe by providing situational awareness data on road closures, evacuation routes, and traffic conditions, as well as managing work orders and assets in real-time.


Visualize Data

Being able to easily map changes in road conditions is extremely crucial in the transportation industry, and our software provides all the tools necessary to do this from any location. The Mobile Responder App paired with the Road Closure and Maintenance Form allows field staff to easily and intuitively report field conditions in real time. This information is then digested by the software to provide real time situational awareness through maps and dashboards that can be accessed via the Internet.

Custom dashboards, reports, and maps allow your staff to take complicated data and visualize it for improved situational awareness and decision making. Data can be incorporated from multiple outside sources and displayed in a unified view. These dashboards can be shared with outside agencies to coordinate response efforts.

Status Board

Ticket Manager

Operationalize Emergency Plans

Our IMS will not only allow you to store your plans digitally but will also allow you to turn them into actionable workflows. Our question and answer based ticketing tool guides users step-by-step through each of their assigned tasks. It also helps executives quickly see how tasks are progressing with customizable reporting tools and color-coded statuses and priorities. Scenario based notification templates help you alert your staff and activate an appropriate emergency response plan with just the click of a button. Role-based checklist act as reminder of a position’s responsibilities and guides team members through their response tasks.

Our intuitive interface makes it easy to track progress, document the key steps taken, share situational awareness information with stakeholders, maintain a common operating picture within your organization, and report on key metrics.

Improve Daily Operations and Asset Management

Integrating our IMS into your daily operations will help keep your team prepared. Our software provides many tools for daily operations including: work order management; event logging; social media monitoring; email monitoring; news and weather monitoring; document sharing; user and role activity logging; and communication continuity. It also provides a common platform for task, resource, and information management and can be applied to various types of needs and workflows.

Our IMS allows you to quickly view the status, quantity, and location of all deployed assets either as a tabular report or on a map. It can leverage your existing AVL solutions to provide real-time asset management.

Fleet Management