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DLAN Year in Review: 2021

As we close out 2021, we would like to take some time to look back on all we have accomplished with the help of our DLAN community.

DLAN 12.4 Enhances Task Management, AGO Integrations, and Multi-Jurisdictional Use

DLAN 12.4  speeds up ticket creation and management, extends AGO sharing abilities, expediates ICS form creation, and enhances multi-jurisdictional security.

DLAN Provides Emergency Management Situational Awareness Across The Los Angeles Operational Area

BCG was recently selected to provide our DisasterLAN (DLAN) emergency management software to the 88 cities within the Los Angeles Operational Area.

Trinidad Rancheria Implemented DLAN to Improve Emergency Response and Communications

We are pleased to announce that the Cher-Ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria (Trinidad Rancheria) has implemented DisasterLAN (DLAN) for emergency management and daily operations.

DLAN 12.3 Features GIS, Phonebook, and IAP Enhancements

DLAN 12.3 expands Phonebook & GIS integration, improves mini-map performance & functionality, and automates additional IAP functions. Together these enhancements make DLAN even easier to use and speed up data entry.

DLAN 12.2 New Features

The 12.2 release of DLAN includes the newly added ability to filter asset reports on incidents and, to share asset reports as permanent feature layers in ArcGIS.  Updates to GIS Premium mapping  and Bed Tracking reports are among the other enhancements included.

Case Study: Broome County NY Point of Distribution and Dispensing

Our latest Case Study focuses on Broome County's successful implementation of our new set of tools for Point of Distribution and Dispensing (POD) management.

Buffalo Computer Graphics Partners with OnSolve to Provide AI-Powered Risk Intelligence and Critical Communications Capabilities to DLAN Users

DLAN users can now access OnSolve Critical Communications products from directly within the DLAN platform and will soon be able to access OnSolve Risk Intelligence. These enhancements will give DLAN users more choice on how to send notifications from within the DLAN system, and will create a unified response portal that simplifies the user experience.

DLAN helps Algonquin College Prepare the Next Generation of Emergency Managers

BCG is pleased to announce that Algonquin College will be utilizing our DLAN software for their Bachelor of Public Safety degree program this year. The software was donated by BCG to help train students on Emergency Management best practices. 

White Paper: Pandemic Preparedness & Response

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted some of the shortcomings in current emergency
management tools and processes. BCG offers insights into how to improve preparedness and response.

DLAN Easily Integrates External Sources: Steuben County NY Use Case

DLAN is designed to work with the tools your team uses every day. The system seamlessly converts external data into actionable items in DLAN. This means that staff members do not need to log directly into DLAN to input data. For example, Steuben County NY recently improved their equipment repair process using DLAN’s newest integration tools.

New DLAN 12.0+ Brings Updated Look and Major Module Enhancements

DLAN’s newest release includes an updated look and feel for major areas of the system, as well as numerous module enhancements.

DLAN Regional Implementation: Broome County Use Case

Broome County (NY) Office of Emergency Services recently expanded their DLAN system to allow municipalities to access the system to work on their own local incidents. This means the Broome County DLAN system now allows municipalities to work on incidents independently and share information with each other, while also being able to escalate to the county level as needed. 

DLAN Communication Center Rule Engine in Action: Chautauqua County Use Case

BCG’s new Communication Center Rule Engine is designed to help users more quickly triage important emails and other external information, such as forms. Chautauqua County (NY) Office of Emergency Services was able to immediately put this new function to use for daily COVID-19 safety procedures. 

Manage Public Points of Distribution and Dispensing (PODs) with DLAN

With the release of the COVID-19 vaccine, it is crucial to have the right tools to manage such a large scale vaccine distribution. DLAN has all the tools your team needs to address the issues of ordering and tracking POD supplies and collecting, aggregating, and displaying overall POD situational information.

New Support for NMEA2000

BCG now has the capability to output NMEA2000 (IEC 61162-1) Parameter Group Numbers (PGNs) as part of our simulator product line. 

ASTERIXSim Radar Simulation

BCG has expanded our ASTERIX radar interface capabilities for our line of radar simulators.

BCG partners with PEASI to provide Alert Ready notifications through DLAN

BCG has partnered with PEASI to enhance our alerting capability throughout Canada, including integration with Alert Ready. Through this partnership, we are able to combine our proven incident management software, DLAN, with their alerting capabilities to provide a unified, comprehensive system.

DLAN 11.5-11.5.4: New Features

New reporting features in the Asset Tracking and Streaming Video modules coupled with increased customization makes it easy to view the information you need. The new quick editor and other improvements throughout DLAN make the system faster than ever.

DLAN Implemented to Improve Ontario's Emergency Response Operations

We are happy to welcome the Province of Ontario Emergency Management to the DLAN Community!