News Articles

New Radar Database Tool

BCG has developed a new software tool which allows us to create radar databases using C-MAP data.

BCG Releases New Telex and Inmarsat Emulations

Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG) Inc. is pleased to announce the upgrade of our Virtual Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (VGMDSS) software with new Inmarsat-C (IMC) and Radio Telex terminal simulation.

DisasterLAN 10.5 focuses on Visualizing Assets

The Asset Management system in DLAN 10.5 includes new reporting tools, new mapping tools, and new Status Board Asset Module Subscriptions. Phonebook has been enhanced to allow for any Phonebook module customer to utilize the new Assessment Module tools to track assessments at their facilities; Ticket Manager's user interface has been cleaned up, making it quicker to work with attachments, forms, contacts, and dates; and automated notifications from Communication Center can now utilize text message based notifications in addition to the email based notification that were previously available.   These enhancements, along with a number of security and performance improvements, make DLAN 10.5 the best tool on the market for managing logistics during your emergency.

City of Kingston Switches to DLAN

The City of Kingston in Ontario, Canada, has joined the growing number of Canadian cities to choose Buffalo Computer Graphics' (BCG) DisasterLAN (DLAN) to meet their incident management needs.

DisasterLAN How-To Series #4

In this installment of the How-To Series, we guide users through the process of enabling, configuring, and using Ticket Synchronization features.

BCG Delivers Additional Radar/ARPA Stations to CPM

Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG) Inc. has delivered additional simulators to one of our longtime customers. Columbia Pacific Maritime School (CPM), in Portland OR, has ordered two additional radar/ARPA stations consisting of our brand new PC21X7 emulation.

BCG Hosts Emergency Operations Center Exercise in Rockland County, NY

Buffalo Computer Graphics, Inc. (BCG) recently took part in administering a training session and Emergency Operations Center exercise for Rockland County, New York utilizing our DLAN software. The exercise simulated a hazardous winter storm with realistic situational information updated throughout the day. We created pre-staged developments that were used to specifically test the communication and GIS functional areas of the EOC, resulting in an improvement in overall situational awareness in the County.

DisasterLAN 10.4 Focuses on GIS-Based Situation Awareness

Getting maps and geographic information into the hands of responders quickly is critical to making strategic decisions on resources, personnel, and services. To address this need, we are excited to share with you the several map performance improvements we've made in DLAN 10.4! 

Polk County, Iowa Now Sharing DLAN Incident Management System with Surrounding Counties

Polk County, Iowa, has been using DLAN Incident Management System since 2012 to improve coordination and communication during incidents, daily operations, and preplanned events. Since DLAN allows for multi-agency use without additional licences, the county has recently granted surrounding counties access to their DLAN system to utilize in the event of an emergency. The shared system will allow Polk and nearby counties to better share resources and coordinate multi-county emergency responses, and will provide greater situational awareness to key personnel throughout the region.

Buffalo Computer Graphics' New Mobile Responder App Improves Communication from the Field to the EOC

At BCG, the DLAN team works tirelessly to adapt our software to the changing needs of emergency managers. Having current information from field staff during an emergency or large event is imperative to complete and accurate situational awareness. As emergency managers rely on their mobile devices to collect this information, the DLAN team sought to develop a solution that would make this process more efficient. With that, we are very excited to announce the release of the new DLAN Mobile Responder App!

BCG Releases PC21X7 Emulation

Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG) Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of another emulation product to our family of Radar Emulators. BCG has completed an emulation of the FurunoTM FAR21X7 radar - we are calling PC21X7.

Platform Motion Improvements

In our efforts to provide a more realistic training experience, Buffalo Computer Graphics has added platform motion into our radar video generation. This new feature draws the radar image taking into account that the radar antenna moves based upon sea state

DisasterLAN 10.3 Improves Regional Communication During an Emergency

Frustrated by solutions that require you to use your local incident management system as well as county and state systems in order to meet the needs of situational awareness and mutual aid? Imagine being able to send a resource request from your county to a state IMS system and see state responses to your request without having to log into another system. With DisasterLAN version 10.3, this capability becomes a reality with Ticket Synchronization, which allows a ticket to be sent from one DLAN system to another and then be automatically updated as changes are made by any system that is aware of that ticket.

White Paper: Considerations when Choosing Between Hosting On Premise or in The Cloud

In this paper, we will explore the questions that Emergency Managers and IT Directors should consider specifically when implementing a Crisis Information Management System (CIMS) and deciding between deploying a cloud hosted or on premise solution. This paper does not intend to list all of the items for consideration, but to raise questions frequently encountered by Buffalo Computer Graphics in various Requests for Proposals and other client inquiries. We encourage agencies seeking a solution to do their own due diligence before making a purchase.

BCG Named to Top Simulation and Training Companies

For the third straight year, Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG) Inc. has been named to Military Training Technology's (MT2) "Top Simulation and Training Companies" List.

Recent Vigilant Guard Exercise Utilizes BCG's DisasterLAN Incident Management Software

We were recently on site at the Vermont State Emergency Operations Center in Waterbury, VT during the Vigilant Guard exercise, which aimed to test the State's response plans during an emergency as well as the training of its responders. Administered by the Vermont National Guard and Vermont Division of Emergency Management & Homeland Security, DLAN was used during the exercise to maintain overall situational awareness and enhance critical decision making processes as several incident scenarios were simulated.

Westchester County Utilizes DisasterLAN Incident Management System in FEMA Evaluated Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Exercise

BCG was recently on site as Westchester County, New York and several other downstate counties took part in the FEMA evaluated Indian Point nuclear power plant exercise. The exercise took place on June 28, 2016 and utilized our DisasterLAN software, which has been used by Westchester County since 2006. The full day exercise was designed to test the response plans of New York State, four downstate counties, and the Indian Point nuclear power plant in the event of a radiological emergency.

BCG Announces Strategic Partnership with Epicenter Media & Training to Provide Emergency Management Technology Consultation and Training

Buffalo Computer Graphics is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Epicenter Media & Training! Founded by Christopher Tarantino, MEP CMCP, Epicenter Media & Training's mission is to empower public safety and emergency management agencies to achieve their goals through innovative technology and smart communications. This new partnership will provide BCG customers with additional services including planning, exercise, training, consultation, and deployment support.

Buffalo Computer Graphics Appoints New Director of Client Services

BCG is excited to announce that we have appointed our own Brian Carrier as the new Director of Client Services in our Incident Management Division! Since joining BCG five years ago, Carrier has played an instrumental role in the growth and expansion of DLAN as a Program Manager. Carrier's established experience and in-depth knowledge of DLAN will be essential in his new role as the Director of Client Services, where he will be responsible for maintaining effective support for all BCG DLAN customers.

Case Study: EMCT Nominated for the TELUS Outstanding Product Achievement Award

The Emergency Management Communication Tool, developed in partnership with Futureshield, Inc. and University Health Network (UHN) was recently nominated for the TELUS Outstanding Product Achievement Award to Recognize Mobility Health (m-Health) Innovation Excellence in Canada's Health Case Sector. In this case study, we explore how the EMCT improved communication among health care organizations during the largest multi-sport event ever held in Canada.