Communication Simulation

BCG's successful tool for Radio Simulation is a network based communications system utilizing Voice Over IP (VOIP) technology. This simulation technique provides realism to a degree not possible with real radio/attenuator setups and does not transmit using any type of Radio Frequency (RF). Our technology allows complete separation of training exercises and eliminates unwanted communication or interference with real RF radio communication.

Each simulated radio panel operates as a standalone radio, utilizing a built-in Single Board Processor, custom BCG hardware and BCG developed VOIP software. The simulated device can be configured to model a VHF, UHF, MF/HF radio, or almost any type of communication device delivered with a choice of Microphone / speaker, headset with microphone or a handset. The simulated device provides the operator radio control through the use of a front panel keypad, LCD display, microphone and built-in speaker.

RedboxSEA157S Radio
Communication Simulation

Though generic in nature, each Simulated Radio Panel emulates the operation of a real radio. Multiple SRPs may be networked together and yet operate independently allowing maximum flexibility in the training environment. All radio units are controlled by an Instructor Operating Station (IOS) utilizing the same network. The instructor also has use of a simulated radio to participate in the audio portion of the training exercise. All transmissions (outgoing or incoming) to the unit are provided through a single Ethernet connection.

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