Communication Simulation

BCG offers multiple options for Communication/Radio Simulation all utilizing a network-based Voice Over IP (VOIP) protocol. This simulation technique provides realism to a degree not possible with real radio/attenuator setups and does not transmit using any form of Radio Frequency (RF). The digital VoIP technology allows for single units or multiple units to be configured such that any/all can be separated or grouped within a training system.  This design lends itself to performing team training in larger systems.

BCG offers both virtual communication panels and physical units that look like and operate like their real-world counterparts.  The virtualized radio software can be run on any Windows computer or on custom designed BCG touch panel enclosures.  Additionally, virtual and physical devices can be mixed within the training environment and provide seamless interaction.

The physical communication devices operate as a standalone radio, utilizing a built-in processor, custom BCG hardware and BCG developed VOIP software. The simulated device can be configured to model a VHF, UHF, MF/HF radio, or almost any type of communication device delivered with a choice of microphone/speaker, headset/microphone, or a handset. The simulated device provides the operator interaction through the use of front panel controls and/or interactive display.  Many devices support a built-in speaker, PTT capability, and connection to a physical communication device for audio transmission.

RedboxSEA157S Radio

The virtual communication devices are BCG developed software running on a Windows computer or processor.  The user interface represents that of a real unit and BCG emulates each of the controls and user feedback just as experienced with the real shipboard device allowing for realistic training.  The user controls the virtual radio either using a mouse or through a touch screen.  The virtual devices use the same microphone, speaker, headset, handset as BCG’s physical devices.

RedboxSEA157S Radio 

Since all of the BCG communication simulations, physical or emulated, operate using BCG’s VoIP technology, multiple devices may be networked together and operate independently allowing maximum flexibility in the training environment.

In the training environment, BCG also has software representing an Instructor Operating Station (IOS). Utilizing the same VoIP network to monitor and interact with the other participants, our IOSComms software provides the user with a virtual radio communication panel which includes all devices being used by all students.  IOSComms allows the instructor to see where incoming communication audio is coming from, display the setup of each student radio, and to actively communicate with the student all using simple mouse controls.  IOSComms allows the instructor to role play by acting as a land-based station or another vessel in the training exercise.  BCG also offers optional software that records and can playback all of the simulated communication that takes place in the training environment.


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