PCRadar ARPA Radar Display Emulator

The PCRadar ARPA Radar Display Emulator is a flagship tool in the Buffalo Computer Graphics' (BCG) family of successful PC based radar simulators.

PCRadar is a Windows-based application which emulates a generic ARPA radar display on a PC monitor. It is a powerful training tool used to familiarize a student with the use of radar for ship navigation. The radar image incorporates realistic simulation of landmass, moving targets, precipitation, sea clutter and other video effects seen on a real radar; while the radar operational features include radar video controls, dual EBL and VRM, multiple presentation modes, graphics capabilities and range scaling. For ARPA support, PCRadar provides target acquisition and tracking, leading vectors and history trails, trial maneuvers and navigation points. Target track data is also output via the serial port or through a network connection using NMEA-0183 format. This allows for integration with an ECS or ECDIS system.

SPS-73 Radar Simulator
PCRadar Screen Image

The PCRadar user interface models the SPS-73 Radar Display, and was designed specifically for use by the US Navy and US Coast Guard in shipboard and shore based training applications. PCRadar was developed using BCG's industry standard radar simulation engine, is compatible with BCG's Maritime Simulation Tool (MaST) and may be used in conjunction with our PCS-300 radar simulators. PCRadar is available in a software only package ready for installation on a customer's PC, or BCG also offers "turn key" systems packaged in multiple configurations including a shock mounted chassis for shipboard use, or a desktop / laptop PC for classroom use. BCG has an AIS capability as a standard component with PCRadar. Another feature is a Virtual Steering Control (VSC) allowing a student to navigate his/her Ownship with controls located on the same screen as the radar presentation. Contact BCG for information on both options.

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