PC21X7 Radar Display Emulator

PC21X7 is a Windows-based application which emulates Furuno's popular 21X7 radar display, also known as the US Military's SPS-50, on a PC monitor. It is a powerful training tool used to familiarize a student with the use of a real ARPA radar for ship navigation. For ARPA support, PC21X7 provides target acquisition tracking, leading vectors history trails, acquisition and guard zones, as well as trial maneuvers. The simulated radar video incorporates realistic simulation of landmass, moving targets, precipitation, sea clutter, and other effects seen on a real radar. PC21X7 features include full ARPA functionality, radar video controls, dual Electronic Bearing Lines (EBLs) and Variable Range Markers (VRMs), multiple presentation modes, graphics capabilities, AIS functionality, and range scaling. Target track data output via a serial port or network connection in NMEA-0183 format is supported for integration with an ECS or ECDIS system.

PC21X7 Radar Emulation

Some of the features that are specific to the PC21X7 are the zoom panel that enlarges a user specified area of the radar screen, programmable color modes, and the ability to send AIS text messages.

Zoom Display Panel
(showing Charleston Harbor Entrance)

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