ASTERIXSim Radar Simulation

ASTERIXSim Radar Simulation Image

Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG) Inc. announces it has expanded our ASTERIX radar interface capabilities for our line of radar simulators. Since many prominent radar manufacturers now offer ASTERIX as a viable network-based interface between the turning unit and the radar display, BCG now has the capability to inject simulated radar video into the display using this data stream.   

ASTERIX is a data messaging protocol used to communicate information between radar system components using an internationally established specification. BCG has developed a back-end program called ASTERIXSim that can send and receive certain predefined ASTERIX category message packets. CAT034 which is structured to contain the transmission of our radar simulator’s service messages to a radar system. It supports the sending of north marker messages which supply the antenna rotation period as well as sector crossing messages for the active transmitting sector number. CAT048 messages are utilized for relaying target information to the radar system. Each target track generates this data in a separate CAT048 message. Every message stores the target’s unique reference ID number, along with its speed, heading, and relative distance and bearing from the own-ship. CAT240 messages provide the uncompressed radar video data. This video message uses an 8-bit video signal amplitude resolution for each video cell. In addition, all video data within each message is of the same pixel resolution; resulting in two possible CAT240 messages per sweep, one for the hi-res data portion and one for the low-res data portion. Lastly, there is a proprietary message defined by CAT253.  Any features that are not supported by the predefined ASTERIX categories can be defined here; whether it be radar filter settings, sector blanking, changing range scale, or controlling the transmitter’s power state. BCG will customize CAT253 messages as required by a particular radar or ECDIS manufacturer.

BCG offers a turn-key, standalone ASTERIXSim radar simulator complete with our operator control software, MaST, and our proven radar simulation engine software. We also can offer a software-only package for installation on a customer computer.  All elements are fully integrated into a Windows computer for plug-and-play use. For customers that already have a BCG radar simulator, an ASTERIXSim capability can be added.

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