BCG Delivers Desktop Ship Simulator System - Hillsborough County Public Schools

Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG) Inc. worked with Hillsborough County Public Schools to deliver a Desktop Ship Simulator system to Jefferson High School Maritime Program in Tampa, FL. The training system included an Instructor Station running BCG’s Maritime Simulation Tool (MaST) software for simulation control, along with one student training station consisting of PCRadar21x7 Radar (ARPA radar), Maris900 ECDIS, BCG’s Virtual Steering Stand conning display, a Desktop Steering Console and a single channel Visual Display.

Using MaST, the instructor can configure the training using a single joint scenario, or separate the students into independent scenarios. The instructor can control all aspects of the training from the MaST program including time of day, traffic ships, environmental conditions, AIS and many other features.

The student station operates independently so the user can take full advantage of operating their own vessel including maneuvering control. The high fidelity visual display supplements the radar and ECDIS for a realistic training environment. BCG provided instructor training on the system and will continue support with a full two (2) year warranty.

Desktop Ship Simulator
Desktop Ship Simulator with Tabletop Console

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