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BCG demonstrates IPAWS alert origination capabilities during FEMA IPAWS Lab

BCG demonstrates IPAWS alert origination capabilities during FEMA IPAWS Lab Image

Buffalo Computer Graphics, Inc. (BCG) successfully demonstrated its IPAWS Alert Origination Service Provider (AOSP) capabilities in a technology webinar hosted by the FEMA IPAWS Lab. BCG joins a short list of 23 vendors across the nation who have proven through demonstration their ability to generate alert messages and deliver them to FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) for dissemination to the public. BCG’s achievement in joining the select ranks of AOSP’s means that Federal, State, territorial, tribal and local authorities now have broader choice in software providers for issuing alerts through IPAWS channels, including the Emergency Alert System (EAS); Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) such as Amber Alerts; and National Weather Service Non-Weather Emergency Messages.

Moderated by FEMA, the Alert Origination Service Provider webinar required BCG to demonstrate a distinct set of technological capabilities that are the basis of FEMA’s suggested vendor functionality. During its demonstration BCG successfully verified connectivity between its software interface and IPAWS, posted a message to IPAWS, retrieved the message’s verified status, and demonstrated CAP message exchange with a Collaborative Operating Group.

BCG Vice President, Gary Masterson, notes “BCG was an early adopter of the IPAWS-OPEN platform and has worked with FEMA and the IPAWS Lab for many years. Demonstrating our capabilities as a proven Alert Origination Service Provider reinforces BCG’s dedication to providing the best possible open communication technologies for our emergency management clients.”

Experience and dedication to open communication is apparent in BCG’s approach to crafting alert messages for distribution. Every BCG emergency management product includes the ability to interface with IPAWS out-of-the-box, including feedback on connectivity to the IPAWS system and the success of sent messages. BCG products provide a single unified messaging interface ensuring message creation is as simple as sending an email. BCG has provided EAS, CAP, and alert origination messaging software as part of its DisasterLAN, Joint Information Center, and NY-ALERT emergency products for more than ten years and is a member of FEMA’s Open Developers list.

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