BCG Releases New Telex and Inmarsat Emulations

BCG Releases New Telex and Inmarsat Emulations Image

Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG) Inc. is pleased to announce the upgrade of our Virtual Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (VGMDSS) software with new Inmarsat-C (IMC) and Radio Telex terminal simulation.

The two updated devices are modeled after popular Sailor components, the Sailor 6110 Mini-C Inmarsat terminal and the Sailor 6300 MF/HF Radio Telex.  Our updated software now reflects current text terminals that are found in the real Sailor GMDSS consoles around the world.  All messaging through the IMC terminal, including EGCs, is sent between the student(s) or the instructor via network messaging software running on each computer.  To support operational and training objectives, the virtual Inmarsat-C terminal provides a power button, distress button, event logs, printing capability, and other features found on the actual device. 

Inmarsat Terminal

In support of the MF/HF Radio Telex capability, our VGMDSS software now offers the Sailor Series 6000 terminal emulation package for each student position.  Text messaging is transmitted and received with the BCG simulation software running in the background.  Other simulated capabilities include the ability to scan ITU channels for applicable traffic between student(s) or the instructor.  To support a realistic training environment, the virtual Radio Telex terminal offers built-in MF/HF radio controls, a distress feature, event logs and printer support.

These two new emulated terminals are additions to our other simulated communications products that are used around the world in maritime training institutions or maritime academies.  For additional information on these products as well as all of our entire GMDSS simulation suite or our other communication simulators, please contact BCG at +1-716-822-8668 or through our website –