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Canadian Immigration & Asylum Seekers

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As of June 2023, Canada is experiencing ongoing challenges from a sustained influx of individuals and families seeking asylum. Their search for aid and protection and aid from persecution, violence, political instability, and economic hardship in their home countries, has created local shortages in resources in local host communities in Canada. These shortages cause Canadian cities to seek help from their home or neighboring provinces, to find temporary placements for asylum seekers until further accommodations can be made.


Tracking & Allocating Resources

Interim Housing
Health Services
Legal Aid
Social Services
Settlement & Integration Services

Situational Awareness

ArcGIS Online Integration
Custom Forms & Reports
Customized Dashboards & Visualizations
Mobile Capabilities
Projections & Planning

A Solution is Needed.

Having a partner with data management solutions like BCG is critical. This allows for the efficient organization and management of the significant amount of data involved in supporting a large number of individuals seeking aid. With a proper system in place, personnel can quickly and easily access and report on various situations including: housing availability, health partners, social services partners; and allow for tracking of scarce supplies, and staffing shortages and provide informed projections so appropriate decisions can be made and communicated to partners and other levels of government.

Why BCG?

BCG has extensive experience helping governments and municipalities build workflows to manage the actively changing Asylum Seeker needs. Designed to support emergency management and response efforts, our solutions make us well-suited to ensure that critical data is organized, accessible, and secure, for more effective outcomes. 

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