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DLAN 14.1 Now Available

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Introducing DLAN 14.1

BCG is excited to announce that DLAN version 14.1 is now available. Our newest release includes updates to the Phonebook, Reference Library, Chat, and Status Board. For more information please read the full release notes.

Status Board Notifications
Status Board Notifications

Phonebook & Reference Library

As part of our continuing efforts to help organizations implement FEMA’s National Qualification System (NQS), we have added more robust reporting options for skills and training. This includes the ability to filter records by specific trainings and/or skills and the ability to filter records by the completion and/or expiration of a training class. Additionally, the completion and expiration times for a training record can now be included as columns in reports. With these options reports can be created including staff with specific skills/trainings, staff without specific skills/trainings, and staff with trainings completed/expired in a certain time frame. These features help you identify staff that meet qualification requirements and ensure that those trainings are up-to-date.

BCG has also added documentation for NQS in the Reference Library for easy access.


Chat has been revised to better notify users of unread messages. Notifications can now be sent when a user is offline and receives a new chat message. Unread chats will also be displayed as alert bubbles in the Chat History report and menu.

Status Board

The ability to display notification bubbles has also been added to the Status Board link bar. Users can setup a main menu link or status board as the target of a Status Board link bar item. Once this has been set up, the link bar will show the number of unread items on the linked page or board. This is especially useful for organizations that use status boards as landing pages instead of using a traditional menu setup.

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