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DLAN’s GIS Mapping Integrates with Robust Power Outage Notification Tools

DLAN’s GIS Mapping Integrates with Robust Power Outage Notification Tools Image

BCG’s DLAN Incident Management Software now integrates with Gridmetrics’ Power Event Notification System (PENS)

We have partnered with GridmetricsTM to offer advanced power grid notifications within DLAN. Gridmetrics’ Power Event Notification System (PENS) works in conjunction with DLAN’s integrated GIS mapping, allowing users to easily visualize real-time power outage information.

Gridmetrics’ unique dataset provides real-time, hyperlocal insights into the availability and quality of power from the local electrical grid. Gridmetrics accesses over 300,000 PENS sensors embedded in the network equipment servicing the last mile of communications delivery. Gridmetrics users can now access a uniform real-time view of the local power grid with 1 km2 resolution, spanning utility service area and local town borders, a dramatic increase in transparency and ease of use compared to legacy utility systems.

Gridmetrics Outage Information on DLAN GIS Map ;">
Gridmetrics PENS helps pinpoint local power conditions for faster, targeted emergency response

By integrating Gridmetrics PENS data into DLAN, users can benefit from the robust GIS toolset in DLAN’s software. PENS data can be toggled on and off as a layer on the GIS map, marked up, and included in dashboards and reports. Users can access up to 18 months of historical outage data at 5-minute time resolution, supporting powerful after-action reports and planning exercises.

DLAN allows information from multiple external and internal sources to be viewed together in maps and dashboards along with real-time DLAN incident management data. Gridmetrics’ PENS adds another robust dataset to DLAN, improving overall situational awareness and decision making.

In addition to a visual representation of power outages integrated in DLAN’s GIS mapping, Gridmetrics provides Email alerts based on an area of interest, event threshold, or potential impact on power-sensitive populations or critical facilities.

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Gridmetrics measures, monitors, and tracks the availability and stability of the distribution portion of the power grid. By providing an out-of-band measurement of the quality and consistency of the power grid, Gridmetrics data can be leveraged for outage detection, power restoration, grid safety, and voltage variability. Gridmetrics is a small business that was incubated at CableLabs®, the leading innovation and R&D lab for the cable broadband industry.

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