Enhanced Radar Features

Enhanced Radar Features Image

Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG) Inc. is planning the release of new versions of our radar simulation and radar emulation software that offers improvements geared to increasing functionality and enhancing realism. Already considered one of the best radar simulations in the industry, BCG is delivering updated radar software that increases the number of radar targets available and provides improved image realism for S Band and X Band radar simulation.

Some training customers have asked about the maximum number of radar contacts that can be supported in a simulation. Since most real radars can only track up to 100 targets, BCG’s limits were conservative. We now can support the creation and motion of up to 2000 radar targets and 5000 AIS targets within our software. This added functionality allows for training exercises in the world’s busiest ports without limitation.

Being able to simulate both S Band and X Band radars has always been a capability with BCG radar simulation. Our latest software is updated to add new realism to the radar presentation through improved modeling of radar video returns while operating in each radar band. This is especially evident with respect to how rain returns are displayed and how they impact the other radar image in and around the weather when operating with a 3cm or 10cm radar. BCG has updated our radar video engine software for these improvements and carried these enhancements forward with each of our radar emulation software packages (PCRadar, PCBME, PC21x7, PCVM and PCRDP). Our PCS-300 Radar Simulator also benefits from these software upgrades.

This updated software will be included with all new deliveries, and available to customers covered under a warranty or maintenance agreement, starting January 1.

For additional information our radar simulation or any of BCG’s Maritime Simulation Products, please contact BCG at 716-822-8668 or through our website – www.bcgsim.com