Improved Radar Modeling Software

Improved Radar Modeling Software Image

Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG) Inc. is releasing new versions of our radar simulation and radar emulation software that offer advances geared to improving training functionality and enhancing realism.  The new radar software provides better modeling of S Band and X Band antennas, it improves on the filtering capabilities within BCG’s radar emulators, and it increases the number of radar targets available across all radar simulation products.

Depending on specific training requirements, some users have the need to support a large number of radar contacts. Though many shipboard radar systems can only track up to 100 targets, there are cases when ship traffic in a region can be much greater, making proper radar usage more important. BCG now supports the creation and motion of up to 2000 radar targets and 5000 AIS targets within our radar products. This added functionality allows for training exercises in the world’s busiest ports without limitation.

S Band and X Band simulation has always been a capability with BCG radar simulators. This new release of software adds improved realism to the radar presentation through upgraded modeling of radar video returns while operating in each radar band.  This is especially evident with respect to how rain returns are displayed and how rain influences the radar image when operating with a 3cm or 10cm radar. BCG updated our radar video engine software for these improvements and carried these enhancements forward with each of our radar emulation software packages, along with the PCS-300 Radar Simulator.

To support the radar video enhancements, BCG also modified our radar emulators (PCRadar, PCBME, PC21x7, PCVM and PCRDP) to display more realistic filtering capabilities. Changes to how Gain, Rain and SEA controls impact the radar presentation are now in place.

This updated software will be included with all new deliveries, and available to customers covered under a warranty or maintenance agreement. For other BCG customers, a software upgrade path is available.

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