New Raytheon Synapsis Radar Interface Solution

New Raytheon Synapsis Radar Interface Solution Image

Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG) Inc. announces it has added a new capability to our radar simulator suite with the addition of a network interface for the Raytheon Synapsis radar and ECDIS. SynapseSim allows BCG to feed radar image data into the Raytheon radar system using a network interface and no special hardware. SynapseSim also provides for a radar overlay capability when using the Raytheon Synapsis ECDIS product. BCG’s implementation is based on the Raytheon Interface Specification therefore it operates as though connected to the real radar system.

The SynapseSim software, combined with the NMEA-0183 and AIS capabilities of the BCG Maritime Simulation Tool (MaST), provides for a complete simulation solution when using the Synapsis products. Since SynapseSim uses BCG’s proven radar simulation engine, it produces realistic 3D radar imagery on the radar or ECDIS display. This interface also allows for radar control of range, PRF, PW, and the other radar controlled parameters so training using the real Raytheon display is possible.

BCG offers a turn-key simulator system complete with operator control software, radar simulation software and a network-only radar interface. All elements are fully integrated into a Windows computer for plug-and-play use. For customers that already have a BCG radar simulator, a SynapseSim upgrade option is possible.

For additional information on this product or any of BCG’s Maritime Simulation Products, please contact BCG at 716-822-8668 or through our website –