New US Coast Guard, Army and Navy Contracts

New US Coast Guard, Army and Navy Contracts Image

Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG) Inc. is pleased to announce a series of new contracts with the US Coast Guard, Army and Navy for support of their training and testing needs.

The US Coast Guards Engineering Center (C3CEN Portsmouth, VA) has provided BCG with a one year engineering maintenance contract to assist in their mission of supporting shipboard systems out in the Coast Guard fleet. C3CEN has more than 20 BCG simulators used primarily for system testing and maintenance support for radar, ECDIS, navigation systems and sensors. Training is also a utilization of the BCG simulation. Part of this contract is the continued migration of BCG simulators to the SHB Win10 operating system.

The US Army Transportation School (Ft. Eustis, VA) has awarded BCG with three contracts to perform upgrades to multiple training systems used at the school. Communication and ECDIS upgrades are planned for the Army’s 15 seat GMDSS / Navigation Classroom, there are radar and radar simulator upgrades earmarked for their Full Mission Bridge Trainer, and a full equipment upgrade is taking place in the four station mini-bridge trainers in the Collision Avoidance and Radar Navigation Simulator (CARNS).

The US Navy is having BCG perform upgrades to the Boat Control Simulators located in Littlecreek, VA and San Diego, CA. These upgrades include updating BCG simulation software, providing new computer hardware and migrating the training systems to Windows 10.

For additional information on these efforts or BCG’s Maritime Simulation Products, please contact us.