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Radar Simulation for the Web

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Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG) Inc. can now offer web-based radar simulation to maritime schools allowing for remote student radar operator training.  Based on BCG’s proven simulated navigation software, BCG migrated our desktop radar simulator to a web enabled application, WebSim.  Utilizing our PCBME radar user interface, the web radar offers realistic radar images, ARPA functionality, and AIS support through a web browser. Additional supported features include changing range scale/pulse width, range rings, head up/north up/course up presentation modes, acquisition zones (annular/polygonal), electronic bearing lines (EBL), variable range markers (VRM), trails, true/relative vessel motion, gain/sea/rain video filters, and more.

This radar simulator runs training scenarios created by the training facility using our MaST software tool.  During the simulation session the student can Start / Pause / Stop / Restart their training, and through a separate virtual panel integrated into the radar’s user interface, control the motion of the ownship using rudder and throttle (single or dual) controls. The training scenarios may also be fast forwarded to a specific moment in time which is useful for students that cannot finish in a single attempt or must take a break, thus not requiring them to start all over.

WebSim is offered as a service hosted on the web, or our application can be hosted by the school as part of their existing on-line training program.  BCG will also assist the user with integration of WebSim into their training environment.  BCG plans to add additional tools which allow the training facility to allow student log-in, keep operation metrics, and produce post training files that can be used for student evaluation.

WebSim is currently designed and tested to run only on desktop and laptop devices. In addition, the supported web browsers are Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. This can be expanded to more devices (tablets/smartphones) and more browsers in the future if the desire is warranted.

BCG has begun implementing an electronic charting application to supplement the radar / ship controls for a more complete web-based ship navigation training environment.  For additional information on this product please contact BCG at 716-822-8668.  For our other Maritime Simulation products visit our website –